The London Eye & 1000 Popular Day’s Out

The London Eye is a spectacular opportunity to view the sights and sounds of London. This 30 minute ride starts out with boarding one of the London Eye’s beautiful egg shaped capsules and soaring up into a panoramic view of London’s extravagant skyline.

Visit the London Eye

London is beautiful all year round. And the most breathtaking time to see it is to visit the London Eye at sunset, where the sun melts over the antique rooftops of London and the sky slowly morphs from its dazzling pink and oranges into its rich purples and blues.

This million dollar idea started out as a humble sketch in the South London kitchen of David Marks and Julia Barfield for a competition to design a millennium landmark. The idea for the London Eye was shunned by the competition makers, but picked up by British Airways. Sixteen months later, the British Airways London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel, became one of the largest structures ever hoisted into the sky and marked the beginning of the newest way to see London.

The price of London Eye tickets start at £13.00 pounds (approximately US $23.00) and children under five get in free. The Fast Track flight is a once around flight and with a brief overview of London. The Discover flights include a tour guide and the Champagne flights offer champagne and a more formal way to see London. You may also hire a private capsule for 375 pounds. So take the time to enjoy a flight in the London Eye and see for yourself how beautiful and remarkable London’s scenery can be.

For visitors planning on extending their trip to the modern British Airways London Eye check out deals on hotels near London Eye and our area guide for restaurants near London Eye.

1000 Popular Day’s Out

Some of the suggestions will appear well known, especially if you live in the area. For this reason we have not always described in detail such cornerstones of the tourist industry as Warwick Castle or Stonehenge, Harewood House or Longleat. We have preferred to concentrate on additional locations or, as in places such as the Lake District, to suggest where crowds might be avoided even on a Bank Holiday weekend in the height of summer.

The Days Out include less familiar, indeed virtually undiscovered, territory. Sometimes this is because places such as nature trails, farm museums or forest drives have only recently opened. However it is often because it has taken the eyes of our experts to appreciate the attraction or importance of what otherwise might be neglected. Little-known valleys in Snowdonia and Northumberland, for instance; the sites of deserted villages and failed medieval towns; and walks or drives along old drover’s roads.

Generally towns have been included only where they remain rooted in the countryside or where they possess a building of particular importance. Villages are included where they, too, possess a feature of outstanding or unusual interest; mere ‘prettiness’ was not enough, if only because it would have resulted in more than 1000 Days Out suggestions for villages alone. Readers of this website may well find, possibly with some relief, that their ‘favourite’ village has thus been omitted.

This could also be a consequence of ensuring that each of the ten regions into which this section is divided has it comprehensive range of suggested Days Out. It cannot always be totally comprehensive: geology and history have not shaped the countryside that way. However we have tried to present the broadest possible range of suggestions for each region, even at the cost of excluding places from regions which are particularly rich in certain fields.

To take just one example of this churches. Those which are suggested here in detail as churches worth visiting are not necessarily our nomination as the best churches in the British Isles nor even the best country churches. Areas such as Suffolk and the Cotswold’s are so rich in churches that some have been excluded in order to accommodate interesting churches from other regions. We have also tried to select a variety of types of church. Much the same applies to categories as diverse as nature reserves and country inns, beaches and country houses.

The diversity which is a hallmark of the British countryside is reflected in these Days Out. Some are very detailed, with enough information for several days out. Some are brood descriptions of large areas, such as national parks or areas of outstanding natural beauty. Others are more limited in scale, possibly no more than a focal point of a day’s drive.

One reason for such variety is the diversity of interests which can be pursued in the British countryside. Thus the naturalist will be able to use this site to devise the Days Out most likely to appeal to him while the garden-lover among others can compile a completely separate itinerary. A few of the larger entries are more catholic in their appeal.

How the Days Out Are Organised

The 1000 suggested Days Out are divided into to sections six regions of England plus Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Within each section the Days Out appear under their county heading with both counties and the Day’s Out themselves presented in alphabetical order. Each county also begins with a short summary which includes the names of well-known attractions not described in detail as a Day Out and the details of the relevant regional or national tourist offices.

The only exceptions to this county-by-county presentation are National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. These appear at the start of each regional section. Where such areas are so large that they extend into two regions, the main description will appear in the regional section where most of the area falls. Many features within National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are also described in more detail as separate Days Out entries.

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Feel free to contact us, with any questions, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Whether your visiting the London Eye or other attractions in the United Kingdom, we hope you and your family have an amazing day!